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Some of our most popular whitepapers on agile insights, data-based empathy, and tools for agile market research.


Agile Insights Transformation


7 Learnings from Agile Insights Transformation


Over the years, quantilope helped multiple brands through the transformation of their own insights departments, supporting firms to adopt agile work flows. As a result, we developed seven key learnings and recommendations to help brands and other organizations successfully implement agile principles  into consumer insights department.


The white paper is targeted primarily towards directors in marketing and insight management.


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New Year's Resolution Study 2019

Understand the goals and drivers for American consumers as they head into 2019. Grasp how your brand can play a natural part in New Year’s resolution conversations. 


In this report you will find:


  • Consumer's top resolutions for 2019 focused on health, fitness, finance, and emotional goals.
  • Key demographic differences between sub-groups of American consumers. 
  • Recommendations to authentically inject your brand into New Years’ conversations

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The benefits of Agile Insights technology


How Agile Insights can support your business to become hyper-customer focused.


Agile Insights software empowers companies to make quick, informed decisions - at affordable, efficient terms.


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Automated tools for implicit research.


The ability to tap into your consumer's subconscious.


Learn more about how you can use neuroscientific methods in your research to uncover implicit associations with your brand and competitors. 


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